Personal, Professional Affiliations and General Experience

Born in Dublin, Ireland - November 25, 1944.

Architect by profession and a member of the following professional associations:

American Institute of Architects, AIA

Royal Institute of Architects of Canada, MRAIC (past Member)

Royal Institute of British Architects, RIBA (past Member)

Architectural Registration Board of the United Kingdom, ARB (UK)

International Conference of Building Officials, ICBO (past Member)

American Arbitration Association, AAA (past Member of the Panel of Neutrals of the AAA for Construction)

Former Mediator for the Maricopa County (Arizona) Justice Court

Studied at the College of Technology in Dublin, Ireland, the University of Valladolid in Spain and the Royal Institute of British Architects in London, England.

Worked as Intermediate Draftsman, Senior Draftsman and Project Team Captain in the British Isles for 10 years before first qualifying as an Architect in 1972.

Performed in the role of Project Architect, Associate and Partner in several architectural firms in Europe, North America and the Pacific Micronesian Islands, from 1972 to 1994. Also served as Examiner for Professional Practice Examinations for Architects in the Province of Alberta, Canada.

Project Architect responsible for day-to-day running of a wide range of buildings, both large and small, over a 30 years period. These include hospitals, hotels, restaurants, multi-family residential housing, public buildings, schools, office buildings and interiors.

Throughout career, has focused on Project and Construction Management, Building Code analysis, Claims Resolution in the Design and Construction Industry, Administration of Contracts and related areas of practice. Has served as a witness at trials, arbitrations and mediations in the United States, Canada and the Pacific Micronesian Islands.

Citizenship: United States, Canada, and Ireland.


Specific Claims Analysis and Litigation Support Experience

The following are selected examples of activities in the area of Claims Analysis and Litigation Support within the field of Design and Construction.

In addition to the cases set out below, Mr. Cummins has also provided numerous individual analyses of aspects of Contract Documents, Drawings, Specifications, Agreements, etc., together with Building Codes and Construction Standards related to specific disputes, including the interpretation of the background or applicability of such documents.

Over the past few years, Mr. Cummins has also carried out inspections on more than 150 individual residences, including selective destructive testing, Expert reports and the estimated cost of repairs.

CCBG Architects v. Brown & Associates

Phoenix, Arizona ? 2008. Representing Plaintiff Architect, in Arbitration

Desert Sun Medical v. Swaim Architects

Tucson, Arizona ? 2008 to 2009. Representing Defendant Architect, in Arbitration

Chuska Sahara v. Navajo Preparatory School

Farmington, New Mexico ? 2006 to 2007. Representing Defendant Contractor, in Mediation and Arbitration

A.R. Mays v. Barclay Group

Crossroads Shopping Center, Anthem, Arizona ? 2007. Representing Contractor, in Settlement Negotiations

Metro Valley Rail v. Archer Western Contractors Ltd.

Phoenix Line Section 3 ? 2007. Representing Owner, related to negotiations on value of Change Orders

Black Diamond Lodge LLC v. Bodell Construction Company

Park City, Utah ? 2005. Representing Contractor, in Litigation

Mingus Construction Inc. v. Plateau Electrical Inc.

Waste Water Treatment Plant, City of Phoenix ? 2005/2006. Representing General Contractor, in Arbitration

Schuff Steel v. Norment Security Group

Maricopa County, 4th Avenue Jail, Phoenix ? 2005. Representing Specialty Contractor, in Arbitration

Wadsworth Contractors v. Nelson Construction and Granite RE

Patagonia Public Schools Renovations, Arizona ? 2006. Representing General Contractor, in Litigation

Developer v. Contractor

Red Hawk Ranch Apartment Complex, Fremont, California- 2004/2005.Representing Developer, in Litigation

AIMCO (Developer) v. Contractor

The Greens Apartment Complex, City of Phoenix ? 2004/2005. Representing Developer, in Litigation

Rivera Masonry v. Harney Naill Inc.

Queen Creek Middle and High Schools, Arizona ? 2004. Representing Masonry Subcontractor, in Litigation

Brickyard LLC v. Kemper Insurance

Tempe, Arizona ? 2003/2005. Representing Brickyard LLC, in Insurance Claim

Joe E. Woods Construction Inc. v. MCW Holdings

Phoenix, Arizona ? 2001/2002. Representing Defendant, MCW Holdings

MCW Holdings v. SmithGroup

Phoenix, Arizona ? 2001 to 2004. Representing Plaintiff, Developer, in Arbitration

Kawasho Corporation (Japanese Developer, subsidiary of Kawasaki Steel) v. Ssangyong Engineering & Construction (Korean Contractor) and Mitsui Construction (Japanese Construction Manager)

Guam, California and Japan - 1993 to 2001. Representing Defendant, Mitsui Construction, in Litigation

Pacific Star Hotel, Guam v. Australian Contractor

Guam ? 1993. Representing Plaintiff, Pacific Star Hotel, in Arbitration

Regency Hotel v. Sammi Rock Contractor

Guam ? 1993. Representing Defendant, Contractor, in Litigation

Building Owner v. Korean Contractor

Guam ? 1994. Representing Plaintiff, Building Owner, in Litigation

Condominium Owner v. Beverly Court Condos

Guam ? 1993. Representing Plaintiff, Homeowner, in Litigation

Bates (Elevator) v. Edmonton Public School Board and Architect

Edmonton, Alberta - 1990 to 1992. Representing Defendant, Architectural Firm, in Litigation

City of Edmonton v. Architects, Contractors and others

Edmonton, Alberta - 1985 to 1988. Representing Plaintiff, City of Edmonton, in Mediation and Litigation

Bayley Construction v. Porcelli Marmi

Seattle, Washington ? 1989. Representing American Arbitration Association, as an Arbitrator.


Specific Architectural History

1990 - Present President, Arch Resources, Arizona and Guam

1989 - 1990 Architect/Manager, CCM3 Architects Ltd., Guam

1985 - 1989 Architect/Manager, CCM3 Architects Ltd., Phoenix, Arizona

1982 - 1985 Architect/Partner, Holland Cummins Partnership, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

1975 - 1982 Architect/Associate, Bittorf Holland Christianson, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

1972 - 1975 Architect/Associate, Michael Lyell & Waller, Bradford, England

1969 - 1972 Senior Draftsman, Department of Environment, Leeds, England

1967 - 1969 Intermediate Draftsman, Ross-Smith & Jamison, Edinburgh, Scotland

1963 - 1967 Junior Draftsman, Jones and Kelly, Dublin, Ireland